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Multisport in the 21st century!

The Sport4Fun park represents a whole new approach, Sporttainment, which is designed to provide an exciting true-life introduction to sports.

Visitors of the park can try out their finess in various sports through our stations. These stations are supported and demonstrated by the newest measuring tools, thus, motion becomes a digital experience too. The results are shown live, so that you can find out in which segment you exceed the average.

The goal of Sport4Fun is to introduce and endear the experience of sports to everyone from the youngest age to the true sport fanatics.


Stations of the Sport4Fun park:

 1. Vertical Jump measurement
 2. Running Speed measurement
 3. Shooting Accuracy measurement
 4. Shooting Strength measurement
 5. Sense of Balance measurement
 6. Goalkeeping Performance measurement
 7. Memory Game
 8. Reaction Time measurement
 9. Rule Quiz

10. Fencing Station
11. Ergometer (Rowing)
12. Shout-O-Meter (Cheering volume measurement)
13. Speaker Box (Interactive Commentator booth)

If you enter the Sport4Fun park...

  • You will have a guaranteed fun time
  • You will see live scores
  • You can find out which sport suits you best
  • You can warm-up before the game
  • You are more than welcome to share your experiences on the Social Media platforms (FB, Instagram, TIKTOK etc.)
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